Nearby Merchant (GPS)

WeDo Apps uses the technology of GPS (MAP) to
assist the Users to locate the nearby Merchants.

Users able to track the nearest Merchant from the
User’s location and WeDo Apps will calculate the
estimated distance and time travel.

It helps Users to save time and money of searching
their Merchants that sells the product.

Instant Contact Merchant

Wish to know more about a product?

Use the quick button to give our Merchant a call! It saves time to search on the Merchant’s Contact Number! Quick and Easy!

Browse our products

Not just you found the merchant’s address,

now you may browse through seamlessly of the merchant’s product! Browse what they are selling!

Scan QR Code

WeDo Apps will offer every Merchant a QR Code
Sticker as a reward by joining WeDo Apps
This offers QR Code Scan is only about the Merchant
store itself.

Users may scan the QR code and shop from WeDo
Apps even when the shop is closed.

This enables Merchant to continue their service
listing products even when the shop is closed.

GPS Navigation

With our integrated GPS Navigation,

let our app to navigate you to your desired Merchant! How? Just Click on the Merchant’s Address and our App will run Google Map to navigate you!

Follow / Subscribe Our Merchant

Users instantly notified by Merchants when a new
product has been uploaded.

Users will receive a notification from Merchants of
latest promotion or sales offer.