Product Services

Our Product Services


Verification Product – Wedo suggests Merchants to verify their products as for bigger exposure and highlights fo the product upon searching. Verified products will be stay at the top of the search list when users searches. Unverified products will be overlapped and sent to the bottom of Verified Products.


Bump To The Top – Bump to top service provides the highest viewing of a product search list. In hence, it boosts a product to the top of theĀ  search list instead of remaining bottom of the search list.


Promotion Announcement – Every Merchant able to send out Promotion Announcement to the public and followers to advertise their sales promotion period. Followers/Subscribers will receive every Merchant’s Promotion Announcement and would not miss out any Sales Promotion any more!


Edit Description – Merchant may re-edit the product’s description for any attributes such as sizes, package-includes, types, model, and warranties.


All of our Product Services are listed in MYR currency.